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March 19th, 2006 - Game Developers Conference by Reid

Luckily, I live in San Francisco, so driving down to San Jose for the Game Developers Conference 2006 was easy enough. I arrived at the Crowne Plaza hotel to find that with a membership to their club parking was free for the entire stay (19th through 25th) if I signed up for a membership, which I did without hesitation. Upon entering my room I looked out the window and saw that the conference was across the street. I would have paid a lot more money than I did to be that close. The conviencence is well worth it.

The next day (20th) I had a presentation to give about closed captioning in games. However, I hadn't finished creating the presentation, so I setup my computer on the hotel desk and used OpenOffice's Impress to finish it. I finally went to bed at 2am without any clue as to how long the presentation would be. Could have been 20 minutes or 2 hours when I needed it to be 1 hr. I would find out tomorrow though.