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About Games[CC]

Games[CC] is a dedicated group of captioners, translators, artists and programmers who mod exsisting games to add closed captioning to them. While most games (but not all) include sub-titles for dialog, many do not caption the sound effects from weapons or enemies. Adding closed captions helps hearing impaired and deaf players to experience the game as intended by being aware of the sound clues and information they may miss without the use of closed captions.

Games[CC]'s first completed project is Doom3[CC] which in addition to adding closed captions also features a unique visual sound radar. This visual sound rader gives players an approximate idea of where a sound is coming from by vaguely indicating distance and direction. The Doom3[CC] comes complete with 5 languages (English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish). Options to turn on captions for both dialog and/or sound effects. Most dialog and sound effects captioned and finally the visual sound radar. The mod has received critical praise, been featured on cover discs for UK's PC Gamer and was also nominated for the IGF Choice Award for Best Doom3 Mod of 2005.