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Games[CC] Help Wanted

Download the detailed instructions on how to help Games[CC] complete the Quake4[CC] project. Remember if you wish to help, please email Reid (reid -at- rbkdesign -dot- com and ask for a level from Quake4 to play. Once assigned a level to play, follow the directions in the document. You can stop at any time as every little bit you do can help. Thank you!

Work on the Resurrection of Evil closed captioning project to finalize the code and make it functioning again. Much of the work should be complete already.

Improve our already existing tools that are used to close caption games.

- C++
- C#
- Doom3/Quake4 SDK

Graphic Artists

Create logo graphics for our individual projects, such as a logo for Doom3's expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil[CC] and Quake4[CC].

- 2D textures
- Logo design
- Photoshop or equivalent

UI Designers

Using the Doom3 GUI system, create menu options and HUD elements for closed captioning.

- UI design concepts
- Doom3/Quake4 GUI scripting
- Quake4 GUI editor


Play Games! Then use various tools to create caption entries into special .txt files

- English language
- Can play FPS games
- Any basic text editor
- Can follow instructions well

Benefits of working with Games[CC]

While working with Games[CC] on our various projects you will interact with people from all over the world who are committed to our mission of making more games accessible to hard of hearing, deaf and foreign gamers through the use of closed captioning. You can be proud that you dedicated your time to a worthy cause that has received much praise in the past from fans, game developers and industry press such as PC Gamer UK and PC Zone UK. You can also be sure that your efforts and contributions will not go to waste and will not go unnoticed. Game developers are realizing that closed captioning can help them reach a wider audience and Games[CC] is leading the way. We'd be proud to have you aboard in this pioneering effort.

E-mail reid-at-rbkdesign-dot-com for more information or to apply for one of the above positions.