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The following people, companies and organizations are proud sponsors of Games[CC] as we research and develop software to aid developers with implementing closed captioning solutions into their games. If you or your organization would like to sponsor the Games[CC] team, please contact Reid Kimball at reid -at- rbkdesign -dot- com or use the contact page for more info.

Below we have WidowPC as Games[CC]'s first sponsor. Thanks to them for giving us their support. Those of you who are looking for high end PCs and laptops should check them out. If you click the link below and make a purchase, WidowPC will donate $50.00 to the Games[CC] team. Additionally, you'll get $200.00 off your purchase!




These wonderful people have shown their support for Games[CC] by generously donating towards our cause to aid developers with implementing closed captioning solutions into their games. If you would like to send a donation to the Games[CC] team, please contact Reid Kimball at reid -at- rbkdesign -dot- com or use the contact page for more info. You can also use the PayPal button on this site to send us a donation of any amount.

Below we have a list of those that have donated to Games[CC]. As a way of thanking these donators for their support and generous contribution to the success of Games[CC] they are listed below. If you donate, please let us know if you would like to be added to our list of donators and how you would like your name to appear below. Thank you.

Those who have donated to Games[CC] -

Matthew G Dexter H  Randall Noriega      

Fan Mail

Many have been kind enough to email Games[CC] and express their thanks for our efforts to add closed captioning to various games. We can't get enough of these and appreciate the support! If it wasn't for them, Games[CC] wouldn't exist.

"I was reading the Doom3[CC] blog explaining how the project got started earlier today.  I guess I felt inspired and grateful that someone like you guys are out there.  I am deaf, a senior computer systems engineer student at Arizona State University, and also a gamer.  I know how much work it takes to develop a software and on top of that, you guys are doing it for a good cause, not for profit.  Thank you very much for the awesome mod!"

-Randall Noriega

"I would like to express my deepest thanks to you and your development team for making Doom 3 a MUCH more enjoyable gaming experience to myself and other hearing impaired gamers worldwide. Again, thank you very much!"


I would like to thank you and everyone staff at The Doom3[CC] Development Team.

This Doom3 CC simple AWESOME. It hell lot better much much more understanding throught out the game.

best wishes


About time! Me and my friend (we are deaf) We bought Doom 3 the day it came out and expected to be excited to play this game. Until then we realized this doesn't have CC it upset us big time. I was very angry because this is #1 game and I went back to store and beg for refund and they said they cant give refund on opened items. I fought hard with them and I even asked for email to get in touch with Doom 3 and they dont know any and I tried find a way but no luck. Halo game on Xbox doesn't have CC too and I was upset and I have 6 deaf friends that played Halo and they all fed up and sold XBOX and Halo (XBOX doesnt have keyboard for online chat and this is why deaf people are using PC). We were planning on to protest in Washington DC in the future to wake up the world that there are deaf gamers. Until yesterday I looked at the game's box "Half Life 2" in store and I saw (CC) on it. I was shocked and got excited but didn't have $ now to buy it. I got home and plan to give my friend the news and he found your site about the CC and he linked me this site and I felt suckered because I sold Doom3 for less money after the day it came out. I am not sure if I will buy Doom 3 again because my friends sold Doom 3 as well. But we will be able to buy Doom 4 only if it have CC (Preferly PC since PC have keyboard to chat). Right now we are sticking with other game. I am sorry but I wished you had CC in first place. I am feeling better to know that there are gaming company realized there are deaf gamers... actually there are many deaf gamers.. I would say 70% deaf males are gamers. Thank you for the CC and I am sure it pleases to deaf Doom 3 fans. Hope you keep on using CC on every next games. CC is very important to us deaf people since we are able to read and you (hearings) are able to hear.

Thank you,

Heath S. Vela from texas

im a deaf game player. i play all sort of latest games. im disappointed with doom3, but i completed it. but i had to look up for cheat codes to open the cabients boxes.

Too bad i completed this doom 3 ages ago. BUT this is fucking great MOD, i'll will spread around to my deaf / hard of hearing gamers.

Thank you for making this mod, it will make my other friends happy.


Greetings from Australia,

I wanted to say thank you for making doom³ game to be display closed captions as I am a hearing impaired person. You have done great job. :)

I was wondering if its possible to make another modification for the doom³ expansion to be made closed-captions?




Just wanted to say how grateful I am for the Doom 3 caption mod. I'm looking forward to and hopeful the impending Quake 4 mod, although I realize real life takes precedence.


Jeff T.

I am a deaf individual who loves to play videogames, and I just wanted to say thank you for your work on close captioning Doom 3. I had played the demo for this game, and had really hoped to buy it, but when there were no captions, I realized that the chances of me doing so were slim to none... However, when I read about your mod, I was immediately online purchasing Doom 3, and I have enjoyed playing it ever since.

If I had a paypal account, I would gladly send you a donation.. I'm almost moved to tears by this project, and with all my heart, THANK YOU, to each and every member of the design team....


-Trevor Brennan

Hello My name is Randy Baker. I downloaded DOOM 3 CC so My wife can play the game with me. Obviously, she has problems understanding speech without looking at a human face. Sue and myself think you have a wonderful project going here.

Randal Baker

i'm happy u added subtiles for the PC doom 3, because i'm deaf too, but what about Doom 3 for xbox? i cant understand anything for xbox and i dont have PC version of Doom 3